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Spring outings are heating up the hotel trend, and is the next critical period for hotel investment now?

Date: 2024-04-05

In March, the cultural and tourism industry showed new vitality and growth points, and tourism related topics often topped the hot search. Tourism consumption in Tianshui Spicy Hot Pot, Kaifeng "Wang Po Says Matchmaking", Hong Kong's Easter Dawan District and other places, and local cultural and tourism bureaus and local businesses continue to circle. The demand for accommodation and travel has surged, and hotels are experiencing a "rational prosperity". How can hotel investment seize opportunities?

Focusing on empowering the accommodation industry, Yilong Hotel Technology continuously provides strong empowerment support for hotel investors. On the one hand, the brand continues to deepen the integration of quality and efficiency, while maintaining the speed of signing and opening, continuously strengthening the level of brand products and services, and gaining industry recognition; On the other hand, the platform solidifies the eight major empowerments, creating more intelligent and comprehensive operational tools for hotel investors, and more efficiently assisting hotel operations.